Dog day care center in Wade Hampton, South Carolina

Our Services

We are a Boarding, Daycare & Grooming facility that caters to all of you & your dogs needs!!

Day Care


Reasons why daycare is a positive experience for your dog:

  • Give your dog-loving attention and socialization while you’re busy.
  • Your home and possessions are safe from a bored or anxious dog.
  • Socialization builds confidence.
  • Daycare is a safe place if your home is being visited by repairmen or pest control staff.
  • Exercise and care are keys to good health.
  • At the end of the day, you pick up a tired, ready-to-cuddle dog.
  • Younger dogs enjoy learning from the older ones
  • Sometimes one on one play
  • Sometimes a small group
  • Sometimes everybody joins in
  • Sometimes indoors
  • Sometimes outdoors
  • Sometimes one on one with staff
  • Sometimes it’s enough just to watch
  • Making friends is awesome

Dog Boarding

  • Bring as many comforts from home as you might need or want to bring. No worries.
  • We will take inventory to make sure nothing is overlooked.
  • Don’t forget any medications which will be dispensed at no extra cost.
  • Stick to your personal dietary needs and bring your food with feeding instructions, please.
  • Since days at A Dog’s Day Out are so fun-filled, downtimes are very enjoyable!
  • Siesta time is appealing to guests. You can bring your own bedding, or we will be glad to provide it.

Dog Grooming

  • We use only eco-friendly biodegradable products made from natural ingredients.
  • We will tailor each type of shampoo to each dog.  Cleanliness and luster are a result of a healthy coat.
  • OSTER-certified groomers can brush out, demat, trim, shave, furminate, and style your dog.
  • We can also cut and file nails, clean ears, check anal glands, and more. Making it happen to please you.